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Our guild is based out of Starke, Florida. This is a place for us to talk about warhammer online.
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PostSubject: From Deviants Board   From Deviants Board Icon_minitimeWed Sep 03, 2008 12:17 am

This was on our WoW guilds forums. Thought i would share it with those who arent members. He got it from FoH Boards.


This guys post makes it sound pretty promising.

"Most fun I've had since EQ1, is in this game. Even I'm amazed by Warhammer's incredible balance of realms and classes. Is it perfect? No, what is? But it's damn close.

This is the first game to show chinks in WoW's armor (no pun intended). It is by no means the WoWzer of 2008 and beyond. It will probably barely register a dent in it's armor. But it is without a doubt an improvement on a similar engine, with very similar (but improved) mechanics that we've been waiting for.

For most folks stuck in regular beta, they may not get a chance to appreciate how much the game changes in the latter stages, especially in T3+ Keep warfare. Tanks *must* man the rams. Ranged *must* cover them. Anyone who think's the Holy Trinity does not apply to this game simply hasn't assaulted a high-end keep that's well defended.

The Tactics in this game are extraordinary. And I do not refer only to the buffs The bottlenecks are well placed. The objectives even moreso. As for the Tactic Buffs (slot selectable bonuses), these are the King of Warhammer. As a Swordmaster you can load up PvE tactics like extra hate and 25% heal bonus if you're tanking, or PvE DPS if you're not 25% to all dmg, 25% to dmg taken, DoTs on hit, big dmg bonus to singular abilities. Or you can go pure PvP with extra resists, reduction to Juggernaut timer(removes all adverse effects like snare/cripple). These are just a few of the Swordmaster tactics. And each class gets tactics tailormade that vastly increase their specialized role within the guild.

And that brings us to guilds. The worst thing I can say about this game is that it's Guild Wars done right, with a lot of added PvE thrown in to the mix. If you're not social, or don't like playing as a team this game wont last and you'll be over here crying lies like Mist. Speaking of... There are no one-shots in this game. Healers are incredibly, incredibly important. As a swordmaster with properly specced healers (Go Kloae!) backing me up I have taken on entire Scenarios where as the only tank I was forcing back the entire Destruction forces to their objectives. And yet you'll see people say, "Jait, why do you use a shield you dumbshit? Don't you realize how much DPS you lose!?!". It's folks like this who will never understand. This game is perfect for intelligent individuals (min/maxer's as well) who work together well. Mashing buttons or asking "What's the best solo class?" will get you nowhere. It's not Kiddie-World. The Kiddies all end up as greasy road stains. And that's it's one and only downfall: It will not attract the masses for long unless they form up into guilds. This game must have strong server communities, and all the good and bad that brings with it. The shit-talking will be strong in this game as the two factions are truly put at each other's throats.

Jait's (not so large) piece of advice: You really need to address the lack of endgame PvE raids (random lair bosses and PQ's don't count, sorry.) down the road, but they shouldn't wait too long. This game is a winner, and it only needs proper and timely content patches to keep it that way. There are already dedicated guilds (powergamers) worried that this game will simply tide them over for 6 months until something else comes out due to the lack of anything other than Sieges. Address it quickly.

In conclusion, this is the best run, best edited Beta I've ever been a part of. It's quite simply the most fun game you'll play this year. Even solo you'll be able to appreciate the T1-T2 PQ's, quests, ambiance, and Scenarios. Hopefully this early immersion will produce enough of a community to bring full-scale wars to each server. If you're coming in with a guild, prepare for long hours, and lots and lots of caffeine. You will be addicted shortly."
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PostSubject: Re: From Deviants Board   From Deviants Board Icon_minitimeWed Sep 03, 2008 9:32 pm

Ticker says only 14.5 days left! lolz
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PostSubject: Re: From Deviants Board   From Deviants Board Icon_minitimeWed Sep 03, 2008 10:28 pm

About 11 for me. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: From Deviants Board   From Deviants Board Icon_minitime

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